Stryker 6500 Power Pro xt, Refurbished


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The Power-PRO XT is an innovative battery-powered hydraulic system that raises and lowers the patient with the touch of a button. The industry-leading Stryker Power-PRO powered ambulance cot dramatically reduces strenuous lifting and the associated risk of back injury. Medics experience frequent spinal loading due to repetitive motions such as lifting, lowering, carrying, and bending.

The use of the Power-PRO has proven to reduce injuries, lost or modified workdays, and workers’ compensation costs, and increased recruitment and retention. The innovative battery-powered hydraulic system raises and lowers patients with the touch of a button. The Stryker Power-PRO sets the standard for superior performance and outstanding ergonomics.

Easy to use manual backup system provides complete cot operation in the event of power loss. The foot end mounted Stryker battery is accessible and easily changed in any situation. The retractable head section allows the cot to be shortened in any height position for maximum versatility.

A mattress is NOT included

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